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Ziba Kimonos by Kiana Kouture

Sometimes all a woman needs is a "statement piece" to pull her look together; so why not throw on a kimono? I founded Ziba Kimonos by Kiana Kouture to fulfill a long time dream to empower women, regardless of skin color or size, to feel fabulous in their clothes!

My vision is to create a versatile, affordable piece that takes you from the office to happy hour, and is easy to care for (no dry cleaning required). I am always searching for interesting fabric and thinking about how each design works for the modern woman. 

Why the name Ziba Kimonos by Kiana Kouture? "Ziba" means beautiful in Farsi...my father's native language. It is significant to the story behind my brand because it signifies strength, confidence, and beauty; an important part of life that I began learning from my father and grandmother after my mother died at a very young age.

My wish to you is that every time you wear your kimono you see your own unique beauty, and celebrate the gifts that life presents!

The Fabric

White floral, Black w/Multi flowers and Snakeskin: 97% polyester, 3% spandex

Black w/Red Floral, Orange w/Floral, Black w/Multi Pattern and Navy w/Butterflies: 100% polyester

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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